These are some of my latest works


This is "Tea, Anyone?"   What I like most about this is the expressions on the character's faces. They look a little guilty, as if caught doing something they shouldn't be doing. The sun's expression is very knowing.

When I got this clock case, it was missing a top and the finish was very distressed. I therefore decided to paint it. I used blue, green, and metallic gold and then distressed it somewhat. I then used a twig of birch for the tree in the background, and short bits of birch to replace the missing roof. The table is also a birch twig.


This is the "White Witch," meaning she is good, and possibly only a little mischievous. This is yet another clock case, a little smaller than most. The large brass eye in the background came from a trip to an antique store in New Orleans. She is holding a large crystal ball, held in place by a small brass plate obtained with a lot of other small items. The floor was the most fun/challenging. The clock floor was too low, so I needed to raise it somewhat. I finally decided to use small wooden blocks, and color them half white and half black. I like the checker board effect.


The thing I loved most about this clock case when I got it was the circular window in the bottom. I looked for the perfect item to fit the space and the vintage clock. The slightly weird doll head was perfect. I had had an idea for a laboratory depiction for some time, so that was the theme for the top. While looking through old art books, I came upon a brooding self portrait of Rembrandt. That is the base for the background. Covering that is some old dental x-rays, which gave it a cloudy look. The clock parts carry out the time theme, and the dolls in lab equipment completed the look.


II haven't decided on a title for this one yet - maybe Serendipity. I loved the clock mechanism, which did not come with this case, The pendulum is also a spare part. The brass quail just fit in the top as if she were nesting. I then remembered some quail eggs (hollowed out) that were a Christmasmas gift. It all seemed to fit. 


This is Pastoral Scene. It is difficult to see in the photo, but the background is a handmade paper, which I loved for its bright, turquoise color. It just happened to be too bright, so I had to tame it with a glaze of gray green paint. The clock is walnut, and seemed to be a uniform brown color until I cleaned and polished it. It cleaned up nicely! The photo in the clock bezel is a detail of chickens from a 19th century painting. I found the little brass rooster on top at a flea market. The woman and dog are toppers from an old clock I found on eBay.


This  is Dance of Fortune. As you can probably tell, I like to portray fortune tellers. I think the dancer was originally for a desk pen set. The background is handmade paper I found in an art shop. The glass sphere is used for photography effects. The "Persian Carpet" is a bit of tapestry upholstery. 


I call this "A Measured Life." I had been thinking about how many things in a person's life are measured, age, weight, height, ability, etc. etc.

"This is "Time for Action." An alternative name was "Spring into Action." Both combined the concept of time and movement.

Hickory Dickory

There are three small mice playing on top of the clockwork and father mouse is carrying home provisions to their home in the shoe.