traveling man.JPG

""Traveling Man" is a combination of parts from varied sources. I found the figure of the man with a suitcase in an antique store in Florida several months ago. He is made of celluloid, a precursor to plastic. Celluloid was discontinued in the 40's, so he is at least 80 years old. His suitcase is tin, and has "international stickers" painted on it. The apartments in the background came from some architectural models I found several years ago. The celluloid dog I found just last week in a flea market in North Carolina. The moon is an old print I put in a clock face. Finally, the railroad tracks I got on eBay last year, having no idea how I would use them, but they seem to fit the travel theme.

Time Machine.JPG

"Time Machine": This started with an old metal figure of a chauffeur that I found in an antique store. He needed a vehicle. I had a rusty old roller -skate. I also had the inside of an old mechanical clock which would work well for an engine. I needed a fancy hood ornament, but I couldn't find something classy, so I used a small figure of a chicken, which came from another old ornamental clock. The chronometer set for the year 1442 is the combination from a bicycle lock. Other old clock parts made up the rest of the piece. Oh, the dog... the chauffeur had to have a passenger!


I recently sold a piece called Traveling Show at an Arts and Crafts show. The buyer said she wished I had something with tarot cards. I went home to my old standby, Ebay, and found some vintage cards made in Switzerland. I have only used three of the cards and am looking forward to finding other ways to use the rest. The illustrations are wonderful. The wing is from an old wooden angel purchased abroad. The table is made of pieces of wood moulding. The crystal ball is a real crystal ball that photographers use for special effects.


People sometimes ask me, "Where to you get your ideas?" This piece has that title.  The head is sitting on a gear, which I thought could represent thought processes. There is a ladder coming from the head, and on the ladder is a young girl (thought). The arm and hand extending from the side is holding a small lightbulb (idea). The question mark is self-explanatory, and the owl is for thoughtfulness and contemplation.

This is "Biodestiny" I had an interesting conversation about how your sex and even your DNA can determine your outcome in life. I had also just acquired a lovely pair of bisque doll legs. In my nature box I had an emu egg shell and a robin's nest. The idea was that if your sex determines your life - not as much as it used to, but still... The woman's purpose is to have babies. Therefore the depiction of a woman as a walking egg.

Tiger in Her Tank.JPG

This is "Tiger in Her Tank." The box is an old sewing machine drawer. I had a lot of funky wooden buttons to use as a background, so the background color was red. The structure in the box is an old copper clock case. Inside the case is a figurine of a Chinese lion. 

Above and Below.JPG

This is "Above and Below." It is self explanatory. When I first "finished" it, I just glued the boat to the back of the box. That didn't quite cut it, so I had a piece of glass cut to fit the inside, so that the boat appeared to float on the surface. The boat is an antique child's toy.

Winter is Coming.JPG

This is "Winter is Coming." It is my tribute to "Game of Thrones." I love the old mirror in the background with the goddesses(?) blowing cold wind. 


The Owl and the Pussycat: The background is the flyleaf of an old atlas. The boat is a wooden shoe. I didn't know what to put in the shoe until I saw the musical cat in an antique store. I already had an owl so "Bingo!"