Some Other Work


This is "Traveling Show." It was made using an old clock case, a bisque doll head, old cast iron toy horse and wooden camel, along with a small crystal ball, and old brass toy chair, and wheels from an old truck.



I call this "Solitude." It makes me think of a monk in the Himalayan mountain. I like the simplicity of it.


"A Man"s Place.: I actually think a man and woman's place is in the home AND wherever else they wish to be. This was just a little joke. I found the old tin of baby powder after I had finished the rest. It fit perfectly!

Potts Familyws.jpg

Another little joke. This is the Potts Family. I have been told several times that it should be called "Pot Heads." The painting in the background is their family tree.

midnight catws.jpg

"Cat at Midnight" This was done on canvas with lots of texture. There are two cutouts in the canvas. One holds the moon, which is a glass sphere surrounded by mirrors. The other holds the cat sitting on a fencepost made of a piece of type. I first throught of calling it "Cat on a Cold Wood Fence" Would you have caught the joke?


This is "Born to be Wild." This is a stand alone. All I need to sell it now is a reunion of old motorcycle riders who like art.